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We are an eyelash manufacturer located in China. We are good at creating exclusive brands for customers, so that each customer’s idea of the brand can be realized. We can design, manufacture and produce eyelashes for you.

We have two major product lines, false eyelashes (color Eyelashes, mink Eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, segmented eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, etc.), Eyelash Extension (nano, one-second flowering, camellia, natural silk, etc.)

Our best-selling product is 9D mink eyelashes, which can be transported safely,We can guarantee high-quality products, Our professional designer team will design a unique logo and exquisite packaging for you, come on,let’s together



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We have a variety of product sizes and product categories for you to choose.

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We have established business cooperation with more than 130 countries in the world.

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Selection of finest material is to ensure all lashes are high in quality. Place each hair on a band meticulously. Do repeatedly until it reaches certain level of thickness.place the hair on to a mold. Iron and brush the hair simultaneously.Put on the hair on the pipe to get the desired curl. Separate each layer carefully for a more voluminous effect.Put the rolled hair inside an oven with certain temperature. Styling is going to shape the hair into any kind of desired look.No lash can go on their own.Put the glue on the lash band. Let them dry. Lastly, attach them on to tray.


Customers can choose from our pre-made designs or provide their own designs. We customize lash length, color, curl, and thickness to your requirements.We accept trademarked, customer provided labels.We can also provide assistance in label developmentand design.The total estimated cost for your private labeled product can only be determined based on the products chosen plus packaging, quantity, labeling requirements, and finishing details.We provide you with different conventional packaging options and professional design suggestions.


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