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eyelash Beauty Handcraft

Beauty handcraft.

Material Selection

Selection of finest material is to ensure all lashes are high in quality. Soft but strong is such a perfect combination to make the best lashes.

Regular Knitting

Knitting does not belong only to clothing. How do you think lashes are made? Place each hair on a band meticulously.  Do repeatedly until it reaches certain level of thickness.

Faux Mink Knitting

Slightly different with regular knitting, place the hair on to a mold. This will shape the hair as per picture. Lastly, do not forget to glue them together for next process.


Iron and brush the hair simultaneously. Transformation will show. Sleek and smooth hair are ready to shape for one’s own customized false eyelashes.


Look at that curl and smile. Put on the hair on the pipe to get the desired curl. Separate each layer carefully for a more voluminous effect.

Oven Process

Time to bake! Put the rolled hair inside an oven with certain temperature. Magic shall begin. Smooth lashes with pretty curl are ready to be styled.


Cut like a pro! Styling is going to shape the hair into any kind of desired look. Natural, dramatic, you name it. This step is the closest to have the lashes on your hand.


No lash can go on their own. They need to be accompanied by some lovely-styled platform. Put the glue on the lash band. Let them dry. Lastly, attach them on to tray. Voila, they are securely placed.