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production process


Bottle production

Design and manufacture bottle molds, using quartz sand as the main raw material, plus other auxiliary materials to melt into liquid at high temperature, then inject into the mold, cool, cut, and temper to form glass bottles.

Spray color on bottle

Color spraying needs to be preheated first to enhance the adhesion of the bottle, and then the glass bottle is cleaned by blowing dust. After the equipment sprayed the bottle, set the time and temperature to dry the paint.

Bottle silk screen

After spraying the color bottle, screen printing is started. High temperature ink is used. After coloring, The screen printing is baked at high temperature. It will not fade and not easy to be scratch. The color can be diversified.

Brand label making

Determine the label color, material, select the corresponding screen, ink material, after the general material is printed, it needs to be placed at a natural temperature for 24 hours, and the special ink needs to be added to the drying process.


configure raw materials

The production of all colors is inseparable from the base material. Before starting to make the color, the base material and the auxiliary materials should be fully stirred and fused.

modulation color

After the base material is stirred, add color paste, adjust the ratio of each color paste, and use a high-speed mixer to stir again after the target color is prepared.

QC test performance

After the color is modulated, conduct stability test, high temperature test, filter bubbles, check color and other material performance tests.

Production aterial sorting

Preparations before production, the machine sorts the lids and brushes on the machine, blows the dust off, and filters out the materials that do not meet the standard set value.

automatic filling

According to the bottle capacity, the machine sets the filling weight value, puts the material into the machine, and the machine fills, places the brush, and tightens the lid.

cargo inspection

Before shipment, the quality inspection department will inspect the goods, and ensure that the goods are qualified and then packaged.

Product Packaging

According to the packaging specified by the customer, carry out inner box packaging, outer box packaging, waterproof sticker packaging, making marks, and shipping documents.

cargo transportation

Deliver the goods to the country and address specified by the customer by air, sea, land, etc.

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