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Gel Nail Polish vs Regular Nail Polish

There is a long time argument about the difference between normal nail polish and gel nail polish. This article will explain the difference between the two and outline some of the pros and cons for each.


We all know regular nail polish, which is also known as normal nail polish, or nail varnish. It was the most common and accessible nail polish for having nails done at home up until the market changed in 2010

To put it simply, normal nail polish is a lacquer where the ingredients been refined over the years to protect nails against drying out and cracking. The origins for nail polish comes from the old dynasties in China, where ingredients like beeswax, gum Arabic and vegetable dyes were used

Today, when receiving a manicure with regular air dry polish, a professional will lay down a base coat, three polish coats and a top coat. It takes a lot of time to have a manicure with regular nail polish that will only last a week and chip quite easily.

Another issue people find with air dry polish is the drying time. The nail art easy damage if it is not dry enough, you have to stayed here and waiting for drying. This is one of the major problems with air dry polish.


Gel nail polish is relatively new in the nail polish scene and is also known as soak-off gel polish.

UV and LED curing is a chemical process where a chain reaction creates heat and the gel begins to set. When the gels sets, it leaves a residual sticky layer on top that’s removed with a lint free cloth.


Both styles of polish can be harmful when done incorrectly. Please remember to always dry your nails properly before applying polish to avoid any moisture sitting under the nail for more than a week. This is what causes damaged nails and infections.


Incorrect use of nail varnish is chipping away at the layers and constant use of nail polish remover.

Incorrect use of gel nail polish is trying to remove the strips yourself. If the proper procedure is not used then you to run the risk of damaging your nails.

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