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Solid cream gel

one of the best items in gel polish.

In recent years, the nail industry has been widely used. Due to the characteristics of gel polish itself, compared with regular nail polish, industrial gel polish has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, health and safety. In addition, it is compatible with the common advantages of gel polish and nail polish. Plump and clear, easy to apply, and the gloss lasts longer. Therefore, gel polish has gradually replaced nail polish. More and more consumers are using gel polish than nail polish. The gel polish is also requiring more and more professional nail technology and nail skills.

The solid cream gel is a new product new launched in this year. It is completely different to the standard gel polish liquid. It’s solid type, like cream packed in the jar package. Many professional nail technicians says that this product is much easier to operate when you doing nail art. Traditional gel polish comes with a brush in the bottle. For the solid gel polish, you need a UV gel brush to take products and apply. Using a suitable nail brush can do an amazing painting by using the solid cream gel. The pigment is very good, the coverage is good. The consistency can support you to draw some very details pattern on nail arts. Regular gel polish maybe hard for beginners because of its high liquidity. However, solid gel polish is in non-floating creamy texture, which makes it super easy to control, smooth and satisfying to apply.
It’s different from the regular gel polish, solid pudding gel polish is made by special high-pressure technology which makes it in solid status. Its truly non-floating solid feature prevents leaking and makes it easier to ship, store, carry and apply. What’s more, its highly-pigmented feature enables beautiful color with just 1 coat. Which means, your manicure can be thinner and more comfortable to wear. At the same time, much more time-saving and product-saving.

The solid cream gel is very easy to store. You’ve must experience splitting your nail polish anywhere by accident, which is super annoying and hard to clean up. Well, you won’t have this trouble with solid gel polish. They won’t spill even you drop it onto the floor. These space-saving tiny jars are also super easy to store.

Compared with regular gel polish, this highly-pigmented solid gel polish is multi-functional. It can be used for single color application, nail art painting as well as other designs like Ombré and blooming. You can make various nail designs with just one kind of gel polish. In a word, it saves your money! Well prep and good maintenance are the key points for long-lasting in nails. If you done it well, the solid cream gel can last more than 3 weeks like the gel polish.
If you want to remove it. It is same process like for regular gel polish. No need to learn some special and different.

1. File the top coat off.
2. Wrap your nails with cotton balls full of acetone and wait around 10 minutes.
3. Clean the softened gel with a cuticle pusher.
4. Apply some cuticle oil.

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