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Lasts For Four Weeks

Ideal hardness, strong shaping, not easy to break.

Strong Adhesion

Low odor, multifunctional, suitable for multiple scenarios.

Natural Shape

Forms quickly, just like natural nails and is easy to remove.

Builder Gel In Bottle

It can be extended or reinforced to increase the thickness of nails and maintain them. It is gentle and non-irritating. It has multiple colors, multiple functions, and can be used in multiple scenarios.

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Builder Gel In Bottle Color Palette

Operating Procedures

More Variety

Color Builder Gel In Bottle
Pearl Builder Gel In Bottle
Shimmer Builder Gel In Bottle
Pastel Color Builder Gel In Bottle
Glitter Builder Gel In Bottle
Neon Builder Gel In Bottle

2 In 1 Builder Base Gel

It can be used as a base or as an builder. It has a hema-free formula, good leveling properties, and can be easily plasticized. One bottle is enough.

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Builder Gel

Traditional extension products are made of hard material and can be used for styling nails of sufficient length. They have low heat energy. They are thick and easy to mold. Although they are strong, they are easy to remove. There are rich and diverse types for you to choose from.

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Cat Eye Builder Gel
Color Builder Gel
Sparkle Builder Gel
Tipsy Berries Builder Gel

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