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Beauty handcraft.

Material screening

Choose the best quality parts from many hairs to ensure that all eyelashes are of high quality. Soft and strong, it is the perfect combination to create the best eyelashes.

Processing material

Screen out the best materials, and then start layer by layer weaving, so that each eyelash reaches a certain thickness.

Eyelash Shaping

After the initial processing, a second processing is performed on the mold to glue them together to make the eyelashes reach the initial qualified state.

Eyelash styling

Through combing and ironing, the eyelashes begin to change. In this process, you can make them according to the length you want.

Roll making

Roll up your eyelashes for a preliminary curl setting. Separate each layer carefully to get a greater effect.

High temperature baking

Put the curled hair in an oven at a certain temperature.curling and styling, your eyelashes are formed in this step.

Length cutting

Cut according to the standard length of each model, and check whether each eyelash meets the standard.


Apply glue to the eyelash band. Dip it on the eyelash tray and let them dry. Finally, add the outer box to complete the production of a pair of eyelashes.