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Milky Nails Are The Approved on a Classic Nude

Now, more muted, everyday glam is taking over—and the milky nails trend is proof. This nail gel color adds a polished accent to every look. It’s not stark white or glitter. Rather, this creamy nail color lies somewhere between white and nude.

If you prefer a manicure that goes with literally everything, milky nails could be a great choice for your next trip to the salon.

The Trend
Neutrals nail never truly go out of style. Although colorful patterns are always a fun option, there’s something about a classic manicure that just works. Milky nails are the perfect example of just that. The milky nail look has definitely been a popular ask among our clients and is essentially a shimmering white that has a sort of chrome effect to it. Because it is clean and simple, eye-catching and bright.

It’s a softer version of a stark white manicure, but adds a bit more color than a sheer nude. It makes your nails look clean and polished.
This manicure is suitable for all nail types, whether short, almond, etc.
Not to mention, as summer ends and fall begins, it’s handy to have a basic manicure that can be worn with anything from bikinis to turtlenecks. The creamy nail trend is the perfect transition from summer to fall because it’s bright and neutral.

It’s not too difficult to replicate at home. As long as you have the right color and some nail polish remover handy, you should be able to achieve creamy nails without any problem.

Try a few coats of a light white nail polish,and then a coat of Shimmer Gel Polish

Another appeal of this mani is that it can be done entirely at home.
First, you need to use a light white polish.Once your nails are prepped, apply a few coats of this barely-there color, making sure it doesn’t get too white.
Using a small brush (or cotton swab) and some acetone, remove any bugs.
Finish with a top coat.

It’s great because it can be used as a traditional gel polish, or it can be used to create nail extensions, or create 3D designs. It’s also a thicker formula, so one coat is all it takes to get perfection creamy dimensional nail trend.

The creamy nail trend is so easy on trend that you (probably) will never get tired of it. Whether you’ve been on the hunt for a neutral nail art, or want a little palette cleanser before moving on to your next trendy design, this is a great option.

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