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How to start a nail business with SUSANSAY

Nowadays, more women step out of the family and enter the society to engage in various jobs and play more different roles. They need to dress themselves up more professionally and comprehensively to show everyone their beautiful and lovely. What they need is not only the embellishment of costume jewelry, manicure has also become an important part of their daily life and work. With the gradual increase in demand, this industry has attracted more and more attention. How to start a nail business is a good question to the new starters. Peoples are seeking for the nail factory, they want to buy the gel nail supplies, nail salon supplies. We, SUSANSAY, are the professional factory in nails industry, major in nail manufacturing. We are doing gel polish wholesale and acrylic nails wholesale business. We have cooperated with hundreds of professional gel polish brands in the world.


Do you want to make your own nail polish?

Do you want to be one of the professional brands?


Here we have various colors, different types of gel nail polishes and acrylic powders. You can come and make gel nail polish bulk orders to us. You can choose your target colors, select your lovely bottles for your own brand.


Rapid production, convenient process and complete quality control system ensure that your orders can be completed accurately, quickly and with high quality.


Welcome to join us.


Bring Your Brand to Life


SUSANSAY GEL NAIL POLISH will be your partner in anytime and anywhere.

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