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Special Gel Polish

Special Gel Polish

He nail powders we provide include: acrylic powder, dipping powder, carved powder, disco powder, glitter powder, fluorescent powder, magic mirror powder, etc., in here, You can find everything you need.

Cat Eye Gel Polish

Cat eye gels are still hooked with sexy and charming. Attraction at first sight. This gel will amazingly change colour from different viewing angles. Charming Effect: not only with cat eye (black hole) effect but also chameleon clolor

Metal Gel Polish

The metal gel polish takes great chrome and holographic pearlescent effect. It will show shinning mirror effect, making your nails look more attractive and charming. Brilliant manicure effect, easy to be matched with makeup, clothes and accessories, suit for various occasions, making you be the eye-catcher in every occasion.

Glow In The Dark

It has luminous effect in dark. Cast a striking glow at night, which can illuminate at parties and make you the most attractive one in the crowd. Need previously exposure under light, Glow In Dark!!! Illuminate the parties and a dramatic fashion show to your friends!

Temperature Color Changing Gel

Magic color changing effect different from normal ones,the gel nail polish changes the color with the temperature and giving a magic effect to your nail. Multi effect with thermal and sunlight sensitive feature, color on your nails changes with multi effect, makes your nails attractive.

Glitter Gel Polish

Impeccable Shining as diamond, it will make you sparkle in life, this effect is suitable for daily work or dates, parties or ceremonies. It’s ideal for use at a professional salon or at home use.

One Step Gel Polish

apply 1 coat of the 1 Step Gel Polish, and cure. Voila. No need to wipe tacky layer…seriously just 1 step, no base coat or top coat to achieve a beautiful manicure in minutes.

Painting Gel Polish

DlY Unique Style: Beautiful, cute, high quality, portable and endurable, you can DIY the style with what you like.Hightlight Your Nails, Make it Special and Fashion! Funny and Charming.

Spider Gel Polish

Elastic drawing gel is a thick and sticky spider gel with amazing tactility and can draw line from the touch point to another quickly and easily.Ideal for your own wonderful DIY nail designs, highlight your nails, make it special and fashion.Funny and charming!

Builder Gel Polish

Featuring a thick self-leveling formula that has high flow formulation for a fuss-free, effortless application to achieve a smooth nail salon-grade finish! Works wonderfully on soft gels, gel polish, or even normal nail polish – ideal for nail extensions, tip overlays, and nail sculpting! It is easy to use, making it perfect for people trying out builder gels for the first time.

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